Benefits of the Look N' Lash with LOF course includes:

  • Learning a highly paid skill that's accessible for a life time with a lifelong mentorship

  • Gain knowledge on the high quality products being used

  • Learning at your leisure with our webinar shot in 8k

In the Look N' Lash with LOF Course you will get:

  • Pre-recorded webinar

    A pre-recorded webinar shot in 8k resolution for ease of learning at your own leisure.

  • High quality products

    A detailed description of LOF products used. PLEASE NOTE; in an effort to make this course more affordable the LOF lash kit is NOT included with the course.

  • Certificate of completion

    A certificate is being issued upon course completion that makes you qualified in United States for eyelash extension application.


Nia McCoy

Nia McCoy is an eyelash extension artist with over 9 years experience in the beauty industry. She has taken courses all over the United States including companies such as Lash Box LA, Wink Lashes, Million Lashes Pro, and she has been certified 8 times in volume lashes. Nia has trained more than 500 students across the country. Many of these students have become successful lash artists earning six-figure incomes by opening their own salons and launching their own brands. Nia created her own lash brand, Lashes on Fleek, in 2015 where she sells high quality lash products. She also owns a lash studio in Glendale, CA where she has a team of highly qualified lash technicians who have been trained by Nia herself. Nia incorporated her lash business in 2018. She became completely self-taught in classic lashes which is what launched her career. She was intrigued by lashes because she had her lashes done at a local salon in Los Angeles and was rendered an awful service. She wanted to make sure that did not happen to anyone else, so she started learning how to do lashes. Nia attended Glendale Community College as a business major. She left college once she realized her entrepreneur ambitions and goals. She then attended Alhambra Beauty College where she completed 600 hours of esthetician school and passed her state board the first attempt. After that, she worked at various nail salons and rented rooms from big lash brands until she felt her business had grown enough and that is when she opened her own studio and invited other technicians to come work with her. Nia is a professional eye lash extension artist and a licensed esthetician who sees up to 5 clients a day. Her prices reflect the level of training she has attained and the quality of work her clients will receive. Nia is a persistent person, who does not let others' opinions influence her direction in life. She admits when she’s wrong and she learns from these types of situations because she knows there is always room for the lash world and in life.

Look N' Lash Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Classic Lash Ext

  • 2


    • Volume Lash Ext

  • 3

    Lash Extension Manual

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  • 4


    • Mini Lash Quiz!